Kombi-kargo was founded in 1992. Numerous certifications distinguish our expertise. Our dedicated staff is always happy to help you. You can also realize a new career with us.

Corporate policy

Our company focus is first and foremost on our customers' satisfaction. Our success in achieving outstanding customer service is derived from our top quality management staff. We evaluate our success in this regard and the motivation of our staff at regular intervals.

We expect our customers to feel confident and comfortable with us. All of our customers receive individual attention. Few of our competitors can meet our stringent standards in this respect. We look forward to communicating with our customers and look at this as an opportunity to better understand our customers needs and requirements. All our efforts are aimed at adapting our business to our customer customers needs and not the other way around. We value our customers very highly and always provide them the best possible services at the best price.

Continuous improvement of management and staff is our constant goal.