Kombi-kargo was founded in 1992. Numerous certifications distinguish our expertise. Our dedicated staff is always happy to help you. You can also realize a new career with us.


Our philosophy: the customer need not adapt to our system but our system must adapt to the customers needs.


It is hard to believe but Kombi-kargo has now been in business successfully for 20 years. We are proud to announce that current investments are all fully funded. This includes all facilities, equipment and related values.


We have invested in additional staff and increased our overseas business. We now have Partners in Hong Kong and China and will soon add India. Importantly for our customers we will now be able to perform all types of customs clearances required by our clients. Our offices have been modernized and we are providing two new service apartments on the premises for our staff. In short, 2011, has been the most successful year for Kombi-kargo yet. It is significant that the turnover rate has increased by over 28 percent from the previous year and attests to our many improvements.


We have expanded our industrial property by over 6500 square meters and it is conveniently adjacent to our main terminal. This now gives us 17,500 square meters of industrial and commercial real estate. This investment gives us the opportunity to build and expand our self-storage system BOX IN. There are 84 brand-new steel container - mainly 20 inch storage boxes. We offer “round the clock service”, which allows our customers to reach their monitored containers at any time at their convenience. In addition, our customers receive the full support of our logistical expertise to include stacker, warehouse staff, package and product acceptance as well as commissioning and delivery. We are now fully certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008.


In spite of current very difficult world economic conditions Kombi-kargo has been able to address the tough issues and end the fiscal year successfully with a capital ratio increase of over 70 percent!


The construction of the new warehouse has been completed. This means our warehouse and office building are finally consolidated into a single more efficient facility. Our terminal facility has been painted in the colors of our logo, Blue and Green, and stands out clearly in our landscape from a great distance.


To better serve our clientel we are expanding our high rack storage area with an additional 4000 pallet spaces. This now brings our total available pallet spaces for our loyal clients to 6000 pallet locations.


Through the hard work of our staff we have achieved an equity ratio of over 60 percent for Kombi-kargo. We are proud to offer our clients outstanding stability in quality, performance and financial strength.Wir erreichen eine Eigenkapitalquote von über 60 Prozent. Stabilität nicht nur in Qualität und Leistung, auch in der Finanzkraft liegt unsere Stärke. Weitere Investments in modernes Lagerequipment werden getätigt. Eine Fläche von mehr als 4000 m² wird zwecks Freiflächenlager asphaltiert. Der Ankauf von 10’, 20’ und 40’ Stahlcontainer sowie Bürocontainer erfolgt für Kunden, die ihr „eigenes“ Lager wünschen.


We have completed partial renovation and redesign of our facilities to offer better service. We have upgraded the old office area to a more modern concept along with improving our older warehouse to improve it’s efficiency. This includes new more modern sectional doors. In addition we have expanded our ‘co-packing’ to improve efficiency.


We have made massive investments in our machinery to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We now have the capability to deal with the final production and assembly of our customers various products.. A working relationship with a respected display manufacturer has been established and is working well and greatly benefits our loyal clients. The increased employee requirements to accomplish these additional tasks are provided for by qualified external agency personnel.


The Vienna branch – Matzleinsdorf has closed and all it’s former activities focused on the terminal in Wöllersdorf.


By commissioning our new building project in Wöllersdorf we now can offer a larger modern warehouse covering over 3500 square meters. It includes 500 square meters of office space and brings our total industrial base to 11000 square metters. Inbetriebnahme unseres Bauprojektes in Wöllersdorf. Somit verfügen wir nun auf diesem Betriebsstandort über mehr als 3500 m² modernste Lagerhallen, 500 m² Büroflächen auf gesamt mehr als 11000 m² Industriegrund. TÜV – Zertifizierung gemäß der Norm EN ISO 9001:2000.


We have reached a new significant milestone in the history of Kombi-kargo with tjhe important acquistion of a modern 2200 square meter logistics center and warehouse. It will include up to 6000 pallet spaces on high shelves and an additional 300 square office building with private siding. Kombi-kargo West, a new independent company was founded.


A new national transport network for our cargo distribution was established to compliment the exisiting standard delivery time for our clients of 24 hours for all of Austria. Our Voyager 2000 forwarding program was also improved and enhanced.


Additional investments were made to improve storage facilities in Vienna, Bad Fischau and Wöllersdorf. These impovements included installing new high racks and our own special stock programs.


Implementation of the quality management system according to EN ISO 9002. The certification was carried out by TÜV.


A hazardous storage of Class 2 (ADR) was implimented. The handling of dangerous goods and cargo was organized and arranged by our company to safely transport and store it.Am Standort Wöllersdorf wird ein Gefahrgutlager für die Klasse 2 (ADR) in Betrieb genommen. Damit verbunden werden auch sämtliche Transporte für Gefahrgüter von uns durchgeführt bzw. organisiert.


The purchase of a neighboring plot of 5000 square meter gave Kombi-kargo the option of an additional siding.


Our own 4800 square meter facility at 2752 Wöllersdorf was purchased in the immediate vicinity of a highway. This gave the company 240 square meters of office space and 1300 square meters of covered storage space.


A cooling warehouse annex of 250 square meters according to the latest technical guidelines was acquired. Our leased warehouse in Bad Fischau was expanded to a total 2700 square meters.


In January 1993 a separate storage area was added at the Wien-Matzleinsdorf freight station with it’s own private siding. A new food warehouse was also planned. Additional staff and corresponding office space are required to meet the expanding business. The move to our Vienna office was established and in the summer of 1993 a 1100 square meter warehouse was rented.


Kombi-kargo is a registered forwarding agency owned and operated by Mr. Harald Gerger. It’s business activities were established on 1 August 1992 in an eight square meter office.

The goal of the company was, and still is, to develop the best solutions for our customers requirements.

Logistics means making sure that the right goods are available in the proper amount, with the best quality, at the exact time at a predetermined location at the optimal cost.