Kombi-kargo was founded in 1992. Numerous certifications distinguish our expertise. Our dedicated staff is always happy to help you. You can also realize a new career with us.

Look for more information about us here. We tell you all about the development of Kombi-kargo and let you examine first hand all of our professional certifications.

See everything. We also provide you all of our contact information so you can easily reach us for further clarification of our company, services and products. For our german speaking customers we offer a comprehensive video about company. Also find our requirements to start your career with us.

Our company focus is first and foremost on our customers’ satisfaction. Our success in achieving outstanding customer service is derived from our top quality management staff. We evaluate our success in this regard and the motivation of our staff at regular intervals.

ISO-certified for our management system referring to

ISO 9001:2015

and certificated referring to
ISO 14001:2015

in Environmental Management Systems

Evidence of conformity has been furnished and is in accordance with TÜV AUSTRIA CERT procedures – in the scope of warehouse logistics, distribution, freight forwarding, transportation.

Our philosophy: the customer need not adapt to our system but our system must adapt to the customers needs.

Career with kombi-kargo-gmbh

Contact persons

Harald Gerger

Harald Gerger


h.gerger@kombi-kargo.atDW - 11

Always 100%
Gerald Heyderer

Gerald Heyderer

Head of forwarding departement

verkauf@kombi-kargo.atg.heyderer@kombi-kargo.atDW - 16

Oliver Oschelda

Oliver Oschelda

Facility Management

o.oschelda@kombi-kargo.atoffice@kombi-kargo.at DW - 27

Patrick Gerger

Patrick Gerger

Finance/assistant to the management

p.gerger@kombi-kargo.atDW - 18

Michael Zöhl

Michael Zöhl

Head of ocean/air forwarding departement


Sonja Gerger

Sonja Gerger