Special tasks for our competent warehouse staff.
The logistics in our facilities are monitored and controlled by trained employees.
We ensure active participation and great value in every area.

It doesn’t matter whether you have special wishes about how your goods should be packed, repackaged or added. Our trained warehouse staff will be happy to address any of your concerns.

Picking Co-packing Finishing Up to complete outsourcing

We offer our customers over 4200m² of indoor storage space and 7000m2 of outdoor storage space.

One of our numerous services is to pack, repack and add your goods in special packaging.

We offer display development, display construction and assembly.

Thanks to our trained warehouse staff, mechanical support in the area of film technology such as shrinking, blister shrinking and specially developed machines in the area of cardboard packaging, we cover the entire spectrum. We work directly with film suppliers and cardboard manufacturers and can therefore offer you unrivaled prices “directly from the supplier”.

Regardless of whether it is a single order or daily picking including time requirements. We are happy to carry out any order for you. First in, first out, organized by batch, warehouse program recording, entirely according to your specifications.

Kombi-kargo-GmbH offers its customers 5,000m² of indoor storage space on an area of over 25,000m². No matter whether in a high-bay warehouse, using block storage or in open storage. We always have the best option available for you.

Of course, we can also offer temperature-controlled storage.
Self-storage is available not only in our “Box-in” drive-thru facility, but also in our warehouses.

Of course, we offer you a wide range of upscale services.

To name a few ideas:

Display construction
Returns processing
Returns processing
Product finishing
Product conversion
Quality control
Truck/container/wagon loading and unloading
Empty container handling
and much more.
A small shop is also available to our customers where you can find special items such as:

Cardboard boxes in all sizes, new or used
different slides
Adhesive tapes, steel tapes, plastic tapes
damming agent
Plastic boxes
Euro and EW pallets, new or brought
and much more.