Specific tasks have been assigned to all our skilled warehouse staff. All Logistic activities performed for our customers are monitored and controlled by our highly motivated personnel. Active involvement and support is provided in the following areas.

Picking Co-packing Finishing To complete outsourcing

We offer our clients over 4200m2 Indoor storage and 7000m2 Outdoor storage.


One of our many services is to store your goods in special package displays. The development, manufacture and assembly of these displays for you is provided by our staff. We work directly with film suppliers and manufacturers so we can offer unbeatable prices ‘directly from the vendors’ to our clients.


We can arrange ‘pickings’ to suit your needs whether it’s a single job or one that requires daily pickings with special target times. We recognize customers normally want ‘First in- first out” pickings. This can easily be arranged and is organized with varying moderate charges.


Kombi-kargo offers its customers over 16000 square meters of high quality storage with 4200 square meters of it in indoor storage space. Several special storage systems are available to you within the warehouse. These include ‘Temperature’ controlled warehousing and special ‘Self-Storage’ with a drive-in-system.“Box-in”

Other Services

We also provide a wide variety of other sophisticated services.

Following is a partial list of some of the specially designed services we offer:

  • displaybuilding
  • processing returns
  • product finishing
  • product remodeling
  • quality control
  • truck / container / wagon loading and unloading
  • Own AGL
  • Handling with empty container
  • etc.

We also offer a small shop where you can purchase the following special items:

  • boxes of all sizes both new and used
  • variety of films Tapes, steel bands, and plastic bands
  • miscellaneous storage items
  • plastic crates
  • Euro pallets and disposable pallets
  • miscellaneous items